Scientific and Technological Park
NAPLES and CASERTA metropolitan areas

Technapoli Consortium

Constituted in February of 1992, Technapoli  Consortium  is the Scientific and Technological (PST) Park of the metropolitan area in Naples and Caserta.
Among associated members are present public subjects and private enterprises with a significant share of the Chamber of Commerce in Naples.
Strategic and institutional objective of Technapoli is increasing the competitiveness of the local economic system, promoting research and  technological innovation, internazionalization of the enterprises, and drawing foreign investments.
Technapoli cooperates with the local (public and private) economic subjects and with national and international network, developing actions to connect and  integrate  Enterprises, University, Public Administration and public and private Research Centers  in order to realize joined projects on issue related  to technological innovation.
The Consortium develops a set ofactivities directed to sustain and to spread the importance of the technological innovation to gain competitive advantages on the global market, both in terms of system of enterprises and in more general terms of "territory." The main target of Technapoli are the SME's, towards which many actions have been developed to contribute to the creation of a favorable environment  increasing their competitiveness.

Managing  different projects, Technapoli has acquired a strong competence especially in terms of organizational structures, decision making mechanisms, management and dissemination of the knowledge, management of consortia set up by partners of different origin. All Technapoli projects, in fact, are characterized by a broad partnership (enterprises of small and averages dimensions and large enterprises, University and Public corporate body of research, Public Administrations) and they are organized in order to assure the best solutions to the consumers demands.
In all the projects Technapoli is present in partnership with key players (business and government) of the economic innovative system at local-national-European level or as a consultancy and services provider.
Technapoli, however, coherently with its role of Science and Technology Park, is involved as a coordinator and system  integrator and contributes to each research, innovation, training project engaging its structure directly.
Technapoli has started a set of services (information, assistance and consultation, computer aid,  internazionalization...) based on  competences and  results of projects experiences. Such activities are always been finalized to strengthen the connection research/enterprise,  particularly with regards to the following industrial sectors: